22-23 June


Bogotá, Colombia


Official Capcom Pro Tour 2019 Street Fighter Tournament

You can now register for The Fight 2019! Keep in mind the following information:

  • Venue Fee U$12 (Dollars) or $35.000 (Colombian Peso)
  • Street Fighter 5 Tournament U$5 (Dollars) or $15.000 (Colombian Peso)
  • Other tournaments U$4 (Dollars) or $10.000 (Colombian Peso) each game.

If you are a player from Colombia, you can pay the venue fee and tournament(s) inscription at http://thefight.atwebpages.com/index.php

If you are a player from outside Colombia, you can pay your venue fee and tournamet(s) inscription at the venue.

Badge pick-up will be on the venue at any time on Saturday or Sunday.

Schedule and times for each will be posted in our social media a week prior the event, check your email as well

If you are an international visitor and need any useful information about hotels and the city, let us know any of your questions via e-mail to the.fight.col@gmail.com or through or social media (https://www.facebook.com/thefightcolombia).

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