7 April


Redstar Gaming. Via Gian Luca Squarcialupo, 00162 Rome RM, Italy

Pantheon Saga 4: Mercury

Pantheon Saga is the new series of Roman monthly tournaments offered by Jupiter Smash, come and face the best Roman players!

Start at 11:30 am RedStar Gaming, Via Gian Luca Squarcialupo 8 (METRO stop B – TIBURTINA FS)

The tournament has a maximum cap of 64 players.

The “Bring your own pad” rule applies.

TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE: 11:00 AM: Open to the public. 11:30 am: Tournament start 08:30 pm: Tournament end (the time when the event will end is subject to variations of a maximum of one hour due to the unpredictability of the match duration)

The lunch break is at the discretion of the individual participants, it is recommended not to block the tournament in order to avoid delays. It is highly recommended to use the RedStar Gaming bar service to eat during the event.

STREAMING: www.twitch.tv/smashbrositalia The event will be streamed via this link.

To access the premises of RedStar Gaming (and other similar structures around Italy) it is necessary to have a GEC card, competitive electronic games. The card can be made on site for € 5. Remember to accept the privacy policies in the email that will arrive or you will lose the GEC card. The card is valid until 31 December 2019.

IN COLLABORATION WITH: NintendOn, Super Smash Bros Italia, RedStar Gaming