1 April 2020


Future Inn. Bond St S, Bristol BS1, UK


You asked, we listened.
Team FG [Team For Glory] is reinventing its flagship tournament series to bring you For Glory – the South West’s new Smash 4 tournament series! Pit yourself against the best in Smash 4 singles, doubles, and, by popular demand, a special Bayonetta only side event.

Why should you come to For Glory?

  • Never die to buffered airdodge offstage again with the most responsive buffer in any smash game.
  • Gonna pull your hair out over Inkling roller and wolf laser? Play a game with neither of them in it!
  • Give yourself a chance to relive the days of Cloud in doubles and Diddy Kong in singles.
  • You feel out of practice? Train up on a functioning WiFi system, free of items, free-for-alls, and stage variety.
  • Up to 128 entrants, and up to 63 other Bayos to face in our Bayo only side event. In the interests of time, doubles has been capped at 4 teams, and allocated 3 hours to run.

As this is a community event, we ask that people bring setups, consisting of a Wii U, GCC adapter and copy of Smash 4. If you don’t own a Wii U, they can be found for approximate £0.75 on eBay.