First opening in July 2016, Belong Gaming Arenas aim to change the current way we see gaming.

Our arenas are a social space for the competitive gamers, casual and social, as well as the newest and freshest faces in the world of gaming! With custom high-powered YoYoTech gaming PC’s, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles and HyperX peripherals readily available throughout our arenas, every game and gamer is catered for. Play top titles with your friends, compete in your favourite games against some of the country’s best, and even experience the latest in VR gaming! Belong aims to be a place where every gamer can come and feel part of something bigger.


Our arenas allow competitive gamers to explore the world of esports, by running our tri-annual tournament, Arena Clash! Each arena has their own tribe – a team who can enjoy both our down-time community nights, as well as enter our grassroots esports tournaments. Tribes from across the country compete through different stages in games like Overwatch and League of Legends to become finalists on stage at events, including Insomnia at the NEC, Birmingham! Start your esports journey today with Belong Arenas.


Our arenas can be hired for parties as well as student organisations and esports teams. Enjoy a birthday at our arena or set your gaming society up on our high-powered pcs and consoles for social gaming jams! You can even experience some of the newest gaming titles for free through our launch events!