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Esports is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. And over the last year it has dragged us into its sphere of influence – and we’re hooked.

Coming from the team behind sports app Orfi Active and marketing agency Orfi Media, Esports Finder is the solution to a problem we faced as we grew into the industry.

And we’re so excited to share it with you.

Currently, social platforms such as Twitch make it easy to talk about gaming and share clips. But if you want to meet up to watch and play esports, or to attend conferences and networking events, where do you go?

We’re partnering with esports providers to create a hub of events for people who want to get into esports, whether that’s watching and playing, casually and competitively, or meeting like-minded people in the industry.

Browse through our map, find something that excites you and get all the details instantly.

Available throughout the world and with a database of events, tournaments and gaming centres that is constantly growing, if you’re on the lookout for esports opportunities near you, we’ve got you.


Want to add your event, tournament or gaming centre to Esports Finder?

Send us your details and let’s put you on the map!


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